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This is the The Official Zenburn Page

Zenburn is a low-contrast color scheme for Vim. It’s easy for your eyes and designed to keep you in the zone for long programming sessions.

Screenshot of Zenburn in normal contrast mode:

Zenburn in normal contrast mode

What’s the purpose of this page?

The Wikipedia page for Zenburn is officially deleted, therefore this page attempts to replace the wiki page as a nexus for Zenburn-related information. Unfortunately, unlike a wiki this page is not editable by everyone.

A page is easier to upkeep than a post, plus editing a page doesn’t mess up the RSS feeds (unlike editing a post which was posted a long time ago in the past). That’s why there is now this brand spanking new Official Page.

Latest version and background information


To use Zenburn in GVim, simply copy the file to colors/ subdirectory under your Vim configuration folder (e.g. ~/.vim/colors or C:\vim\colors).

To use Zenburn in Vim, you must enable the 256-color mode for Vim. This can be done with e.g. export TERM=xterm-256color. You might also need to add set t_Co=256 into your .vimrc file, before loading the colorscheme. Note, that due to limitations of the 256-color mode the color scheme is not exactly like it appears in GVim, but very close nevertheless.

Have a look at Darmawan’s page for further information and screenshots.

List of known ports and derivatives

If you have made a new port, please drop a mail or comment to get it included here.

Thank you for enjoying “Just some alien fruit salad to keep you in the zone”!

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Can you please put the colour refence table as it were from the wikipedia entry? It was very useful…

Thanks & keep up the good work.
I wonder who the idiot that asked to have the entry deleted was…

J.H., I don’t know who it was originally – my guess is some random Wikipedia admin.

As for the deletion, the article was deleted based on lack of notability. After reading the Wikipedia rules, I have to admit I agreed with the verdict to delete, as the article unfortunately did not reach the high level Wikipedia demands. I didn’t like it, but judging the article and the rules objectionably that’s the way it had to go :(

As for the color table, I’ll sure try to add it… if only I can find it from somewhere! It seems that the wikipedia entry has just vanished, as if it never existed. Or I don’t know how to look.

I copied the contents of the table to a spread sheet on my machine before they took down the page. I’ve uploaded it to google docs. I’ll color it when I get the chance.

the link didn’t seem to work:

Very good, C Betancourt! I shall make a task for myself to add the table here in the near future.

If you come up with the colors before I add the table, please put a comment here so then I’ll be sure to use the latest version.

You can get a “gnome-terminal” %gconf file here:

Just drop this in a directory called:


and you are good to go. Note that I use a slightly transparent background for this one so perhaps you should increase the saturation of the background a bit but I like it this way!


I put Zenburn and Minimal (a TextMate color theme) together, made a similar one “MinimalZen” for EmEditor (, you can find sreenshots in “” and my EmEditor color theme in “”

I found the StatusLine to close to the background color, so I set it the same as StatusLineNC. Humbly submitted as a possible patch if you agree.

*** .vim/colors/zenburn.vim.orig 2008-07-10 11:03:11.000000000 +1000
--- .vim/colors/zenburn.vim      2008-07-10 11:02:50.000000000 +1000
*** 167,169 ****
      hi Statement       ctermfg=187   ctermbg=234     cterm=none
!     hi StatusLine      ctermfg=237   ctermbg=186    
      hi StatusLineNC    ctermfg=236   ctermbg=108    
--- 167,169 ----
      hi Statement       ctermfg=187   ctermbg=234     cterm=none
!     hi StatusLine      ctermfg=236   ctermbg=186    
      hi StatusLineNC    ctermfg=236   ctermbg=108

Hi Charlie!

I checked your patch, and agreed that the current StatusLine color was lousy. I took your patch in but had to edit it slightly, to be more in line with how GVim looks like.

Anyway, your name shall live forever in the Zenburn file itself, have a look at the latest version :) If you want your full name to be displayed, please send me a mail.

Thanks for spotting it!

Pardon my ignorance, but does this color scheme work with vim in a terminal or just gvim? I’ve tried using it in a terminal and it doesn’t look right.

Ydobon, it works with both gvim and vim – however, one must have 256 colors enabled in the terminal for the colors to look right.

This can be done with export TERM=xterm-256color, then launching vim. It works under Linux etc. but I’m not sure if that will work under a Windows prompt.

…and if it still doesn’t seem to work, check that the terminal emulator supports 256 colors in the first place :)

Thank you Ydobon, I’ll update this page with instructions how to enable the 256-color mode.

First and foremost: great work. This colorscheme is tight, and I’m loving it.

However, I was running into the trouble under iTerm in osX wherein if I changed my terminal type to anything other than “builtin_ansi”, my arrow keys would stop working within vim. Took me a while, but I finally found a solution, which I thought I should share with anyone else running into the same problem. It’s , but it’s _NOT_ the actual tip, it’s the suggestion given in the first response there.

I know this isn’t strictly related to zenburn (so I won’t blame you if you kill this post), but manoman was it driving me crazy while I was trying to get your theme to work ;>

Again, great work. Now I need this ported as a theme for irssi.

Thanks Mediapathic! I’ve not noticed problems under Linux, but for the benefit of Mac OS X users, it’s good to have the information.

The chart that used to be available on wikipedia is now on deletionpedia

Thanks for your vigilance Christopher, I added Deletionpedia entry to the main text!

Hmm… too bad we need a Deletionpedia in the first place, but I’m really glad it exist. There’s gems among the deleted pages. (I’m not necessarily saying the Zenburn page is such ;) )

This is a great theme, thanks for making it. If anyone would be motivated enough to do a scite port, I’d be incredibly grateful.

Minor typo, but it bit me. Isn’t it
:set t_Co=256
instead of
:set T_co=256

Dave, you are correct. Thanks for spotting it, I’ve changed the text to have t_Co. Sorry for the trouble.

Hi! I’m having two issues.
First I’cant make in work under the urxvt terminal, I’ve setted TERM to xterm-256color but nothing. Default vim themes work fine, also zenburn works fine in xterm.

The other thing is the link to the emacs port is down, do you know some other source?


Xuan, I think your urxvt might not support the 256-color mode. Have you tried to patch your urxvt? (More info here).

Brockman’s server is indeed down. Unfortunately I don’t know of any other sources, however I think the server error is transient, so let us wait a few days…

Argghh, version 7.9 too old to patch, I’ll upgrade to a newer and patch it.

Thanks Slinky, I’m looking forward to test this scheme, seems to be what I want.

Glad to see Zenburn has it’s spot on the web. I was the one who originally created the Zenburn Wikipedia article. It took quite a while making that table and adjusting every single color… I was bummed when they deleted it cause it wasn’t important to them.

Jake, thanks for doing that. Fortunately your hard work hasn’t gone down the drain, even though Wikipedia nuked the page. The page lives on at Deletionpedia – your table is also there.

Hi, I am grateful for Zenburn, it has helped a lot in reducing my eyestrain headaches. I made a Zenburn-based theme for Blogger, if anyone is interested.

Thank you Elijahr! I added your theme to the list in this page.

I’m very happy to hear Zenburn helped again to reduce the eyestrain headache levels in this planet… The way I see it: less eyestrain = better environment = easier to concentrate = better productivity = better software = win!

Has anyone found a simple way to plug the zenburn palette into Eclipse (3.4 to be exact)?

I saw someone also created something for urxvt:

Thank you Nick, I updated the list.

Hi, I’ve just adapted zenburn to the windows’ cmd.exe :

It also work with the powershell

Thank you Twinside, list is updated! Also, thanks to all the people who mailed me; now your contributions are in the list.

Here (7 KiB .ksf)‘s a roughly equivalent Komodo Edit color scheme. I didn’t bother with the language-specific settings, YMMV with them.

I love your theme, but sometimes I want to see my console’s background color instead of the grey one zenburn uses. I added the following lines to my copy of zenburn:

if exists(“g:zenburn_use_console_bg”)
hi Normal ctermbg=NONE
hi statement ctermbg=NONE
hi todo ctermbg=NONE

Those statements seem to be enough to let my normal background show through.

Here’s a zenburn-based mutt colorscheme that expects you to be using a 256 color terminal:

And a mutt screenshot:

Can someone update the Notepad++ style? It doesn’t seem to include zenburn colours for html/css/xml :(

Oop, just found an updated version for Notepad++ !

I created an Epsilon plugin for zenburn. It can be found here:

Also, here is a table of the colorscheme, whose rows reflect the style that they describe:

Varreon, please have a look at SciTE port by Gianfranco.

Hi Jani,
Zenburn is one of my favorite vim colorschemes. I made a mod called Darkburn with brighter colors. You can see it at:

I hope you’ll appreciate it.


My “port” of Zenburn is now included into Notepad++ 5.5.

I created a Zenburn TweetDeck color scheme – BG1: 2F2F2F BG2: 3F3F3F INPUT: 284F28 TXT1: DCDCCC TXT2: F0DFAF

I can’t see end-of-line characters with “:set list” with this color scheme. I think NonText should be a different colour than the background. Perhaps #808080 or some such.

Zac, thanks for pointing that out, it is indeed a problem! (Although the high-contrast mode looks OK, i.e. let g:zenburn_high_Contrast=1, the normal mode is broken)

I’ll fix this shortly, latest at the coming weekend along with other updates…

Oh and also a big thank you to others who have commented here with their improvements and ports. I acknowledge and am grateful to each and every one of you, even if I am unable to respond to every comment :)

I’ve been discovering the joys of zenburn in vim, in awesome and wonder; has anybody made a vifm (vim file manager) zenburn colorscheme ?

Zenburn with Consolas for VS2008. I made this based on Jeff Atwood’s VS2005 settings. Feel free to copy/modify/redistribute.


Thanks a lot for a very great theme.

I was setting it up on my emacs when I realized I wanted to use it as the baseline for all my UI-tweaks at the office, and as I couldn’t find a Google Chrome/Chromium version, I published one. You can follow my link, or go to its Chrome Extensions Gallery.

(You can delete my comment on your other post, I noticed this one only later).

Great theme dude. You’ve made my eyeballs considerably happier when I code for hours :)

I’ve hacked together a version for FlashBuilder/FlexBuilder in Eclipse that people can use:

Oh, and I also hacked together a version for syntax highlighted code in WordPress using SyntaxHighlighter Evolved:

It’s a wee bit less faithful though because ny CSS skillz are weak.

Thank you Lo and Mnem! It’s nice to see new ports have popped up in the inbox on a lazy Sunday morning… :)

Here is zenburn dreamweaver code view theme

Thank you Gerard!

This is great and awesome.

However, this ‘homepage’ for the scheme is not. I would like to encourage you to embed the screenshot into the top of the blog page. Colors > Text..

Qubodup, thanks for the comment. I added a screenshot picture, and hope it’s more awesome now.

To squeeze a bit more awesomeness into this page, I’ll try to make some more screenshots of GVim and the 256-color console (once I find the time!).

Here’s a rev 0.0.1 of an attempt at a dark background colour scheme for Eclipse: Screenshot: Any feedback at all? (this is a big departure from what I normally use for Vim, which is:

Great stuff. Practically my whole desktop is zenburned: AwesomeWM, Emacs, GTK, mutt, vim. Thanks to everyone who worked on these themes. My new site is also based on this. Thanks!

@Slinky great, thanks! A bigger image and no ugly gvim gui would be cooler, but what the heck ;) an image is an image.

@Abesto cool!

Qubodup, I’m working on it, but since I’m a lazy ass that was the best I could do with short notice :)

Here is my Zenburn color scheme for QtCreator :

Maybe some improvments to do, but it’s a fairly good start ;)

Since it looks like Marc’s zenburn for Qt Creator got taken offline, here’s what I came up with based on that deletionpedia link:

Sorry, it’s back online.

Just to let you know that I moved my mutt colorscheme to – I also updated the screenshot –

The colour table from the old Wikipedia page can be found at

Good find, thanks Phil!

I’ve been lazy and not done the zenburned Zenburn-page colors. So much to do, so little time. But soon (please refrain from holding breath though)

Studio Styles has ZenBurn for Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010:

Zenburn style for netbeans PHP, CSS, HTML, JS AND Java.


I have created an Eclipse PDT color scheme using zenburn color palette.
Check it out:

Good work, thank you Sean, Vladislav and Moleculezz. It made my day again :)

@moleculezz : thank you so much for this.

Vladislav, finally :) thanks so much for this~!

I’ve updated it a little :) u can download it again.

Is there a way to have Zenburn as the default Windows 7 color scheme so whatever software I run (Firefox, Acrobat, Office etc) I get the nice dark colors?

Clements, I’m not aware of a way. But maybe someone has made such a theme, there’s a good chance of that.

Does anyone know?

Great theme! I will not gush, lest I dilute this page!

I use the vertical and horizontal cursorlines in gvim:

set cursorline cursorcolumn

The horizontal cursor preserves the foreground (syntax highlighted) text color; but the vertical cursor does not, and is rather prominent. Bug or feature? Thanks!

Drew, thanks for pointing that out!

It’s a bug; Zenburn.vim defines the CursorColumn syntax group with guifg defined. This makes it colourize all characters in the column with the guifg colour.

I’ll investigate it a bit and shall make a new release.

Thanks for your eagle eyes :)

I’ve used your theme in several Eclipse editors that I often use, I’ve made them available here:

Convert texmate themes to vim

The link to the GNU Emacs compatible zenburn-el above is dead. Daniel Brockman seems to be maintaining zenburn-el on github.

Thank you Stefan! I have updated the text body.

I hope the versions on Daniel’s page are not lost. No idea where they are now though…

Thank you for sharing your theme.

Here’s a port I just made for mintty:

I have noticed, that URL for color scherme for netbeans don’t work.
there is new one:

[...] rxvt-unicode (urxvt), has 88 color support by default. However, my favorite vim color scheme, Zenburn, needs more than that. While I found a good post about doing it in Ubuntu I couldn’t find [...]

[...] time looking at terminals and text editors) and I’ve grown particularly fond of the Zenburn color scheme. I use it in Emacs all the time, and now I can use it in as well. I found [...]

[...] dapat digunakan seperti Emacs, Notepad++, dll. Untuk lebih jelasnya dapat langsung ke situs resmi Zenburn. Tagged with: kontras • rendah • skema • vim • warna • zenburn  [...]

I’ve ported zenburn to textmate (I’m not sure that whoever wrote Zenburnesque ever actually *saw* the zenburn theme!)

[...] found this, which confirms both our solutions (just noticed you already found the alternative): the The Official Zenburn Page (see the Notes). Have a nice [...]

[...] monitor, i prefer to have a low-contrast theme because it less poking in the eye. I am a big fan of zenburn color theme. I apply it in almost any IDE that i use or ever use (KDE’s Kate on Linux, [...]

[...] of you probably knows that i’m a big fan of zenburn colorscheme. The low-contrast color makes it easy on the eyes during long hour of coding. I applied [...]

I’ve made a Zenburn colorscheme (.ksf file) for Komodo Edit/IDE. You can download it from

Look ma! Zenburn in Gmail!
(made using some of the colors listed in: and the emacs color theme)

Nice one, Lo! Can the button colors be changed too?

I’m afraid not. That was done simply using the gmail theme creator available in gmail’s settings. It’s fairly limited. You can style some bits, but then other ones are not clashed or colors are reused in areas where you’d obviously want to use something else. And you loose the rounded edges as well.

There’s an extension called minimalist gmail that allows you to customize colors for both frames and buttons I think, though I didn’t really try.

It’s hard to find a proper gnome-terminal Zenburn color palette scheme these days. Here is one:


Paste that in gconf-editor: apps/gnome-terminal/Profiles/

I tried to make a zenburn theme for windows, not really close though.

DJCB of the emacs-fu blog has posted an emacs24 version of the theme, to use the emacs 24 theme loader instead of the color-theme mode:

[...] I slowly began to fall in love with it. Here's a link to the colorscheme for more information:….  Add AnswerBIU     @   Edit Link Text Show [...]

[...] The default color themes are a bit harsh on the eyes though, so I just ported a scheme called zenburn. [...]

For eclipse, (i tested version 3.6) you can get the color themes plugin, which includes zenburn and other themes for most file types.

So many new contributions again, a big thank you to everyone!

I’m thinking whether this page should have another format… like a forum or something. Is it getting too crowded with the flat comment-to-comment kind of reply system?

I think a GitHub or BitBucket project will be a good home for the theme. It will make it easy for other people to improve files. It also has wiki and issue tracker. And it’s free for open source projects like this.

Ilya, the thought had crossed my mind but I considered having a Github project as a bit of an overkill for Zenburn since it’s just quite a small file… But now that you mentioned it, I’m thinking: yeah, why not.

Since Andrew’s link for Gnome-Terminal port of zenburn color-scheme is dead I decided to contact Andrew to get it back again :)

Here you have:

Thanks Arguser!

[...] be configured to work the way I want.  Also, my favourite syntax highlighting scheme “Zenburn” was created with Vim in [...]

The colorscheme for terminal mode doesn’t include a highlight color for the Include type. To set it, copy the PreCondit line and s/Precondit/Include/. This should match the gui color scheme.

[...] Even after removing every reference to “bold” from my colorscheme file, it still looks like this. Turning ClearType off makes it look worse. If it matters, my colorscheme is zenburn. [...]

I’ve been using the Molokai scheme for a long time but the screenshots of Zenburn in action caught my eye so I’m giving it a go.

However, one thing I did notice right away is that there’s no ColorColumn highlight colour specified. This is a feature introduced in Vim 7.3 that shows what is in effect a visible right margin. I usually set mine to the same colour as the cursor line but it’s entirely up to you.

Another thing I changed is the SpecialKeys colour, as I have Vim set to show tab characters as little arrows, and since I use tabs for indentation I had to tone down the appearance of SpecialKeys so they are just a bit lighter than the normal background colour.

Here’s a picture which shows both points:

Thanks Jim, I’ll put that change to a new Zenburn version!

Andy, I’ll contact you via mail.

Hey Jani,
I’m having some trouble with the zenburn colorscheme for vim under Ubuntu… Everytime when I bootup a ‘fullscreen’ terminal app (such as man) right after I close down vim, the background colors are broken. To see what I mean have a look at this screenshot:

I have already found a post on the Ubuntu forum pages ( from people with the same problem, but it appears to never have made it to a real bug.

Also, Terminator, xfce4-terminal and sakura seem to have the same problem. Is there anything you can do on your end to solve the problem? My setup is extremely simple, I can put my .vim/ and .vimrc online if necessary.

Cheers, Peter

Hi Peter, I think this is a terminal and/or Vim bug. The Zenburn color scheme just tells Vim which colors to set for given syntax groups; it cannot directly cause this, but can do so indirectly.

That said, I am able to reproduce the issue easily with:

vim garbage.txt
man man

The man page will have messed up colors. After exiting man the colors are OK again for me.

The full fix is probably more complex, but this should be good enough for a work-around:

Make a bash function like this:

vim () { /usr/bin/vim $*; reset; }

Put it to your ~/.bashrc

This will cause the reset to be called every time after exiting Vim. This should return the terminal to normal, with the cost of the exit taking slightly more time.

It has to be a function instead of an alias, because you can’t give parameters to alias in Bash.

It worked for me, hopefully for you too!

Hey Slinky,

It seems there is a bug in the GTK terminal widget (the one that all the terminals I mentioned use) that causes this. It has something to do with the widget using two different video buffers, one for normal terminal applications and one for “fullscreen” terminal apps; it doesn’t reset the fullscreen buffer background color properly causing this effect. In the end I just live with it, using the workaround you provided should work but is a bit overkill for me, especially since I usually use zenburn+vim on my netbook which isn’t very fast. Anyway, I hope Gnome3 (with the new Gnome shell) will fix this problem, otherwise I’ll just live with it.

Thanks for the awesome colorscheme ^^


Thank you Peter:) Good to hear the reset-trick worked.

Btw let’s hope it does, but IF Gnome3 doesn’t fix it, one idea is to try a different terminal, one that’s non-GTK.

[...] has themes — notably, the zenburn theme I like to use in [...]

[...] of you probably know that i’m a big fan of zenburn colorscheme. The low-contrast color makes it easy on the eyes during long hour of coding. I applied [...]

[...] Midnight Theme ???????????????? Emacs ?? Zenburn????????????? port ? Xcode [...]

Zenburned the venerable Fossil DVCS:

Any feedback is welcome.


[...] Zenburn is low-contrast color scheme that was originally designed for vim, but there are themes for Eclipse, Emacs, bash and other editors aswell. [...]

I’ve adapted your scheme a tiny bit, as we have the nice colorcolumn since vim 7.3. I’ve added the following line to the scheme at linenumber 261 (between hi Cursor and hi Debug):

hi ColorColumn ctermbg=235

This gives a nice slightly-lighter-than-the-dark-background line if colorcolumn is enabled. Might be worth a while to see if you can add a color for the non high contrast version as well :)

Cheers, Sakartu

Thanks Pietra, jsl, Wangling and Sakartu!

Sakartu, FYI I’ve pushed the ColorColumn change to Github (UI + terminal, low + high contrast). Didn’t yet put it up at, I think I’ll wait for a few more changes.


Here is my version of zenburn for WingIde python syntax highlighting.
Included is dmist a gtkrc theme (all credits to original creator) which IMHO plays nice with zenburn and helps with the glare of the non editing window elements if you have a light system theme.

WingIde theme update:

I accidentally deleted the file attached to my previous post. Here are the relevant lines that should be added to your preferences file, under the [user-preferences] section: = (105,
edit.background-color = (63,
edit.syntax-formatting = {'PYTHON': {'character': {'bold': False,
'eolfilled': False,
'fore': '#CC9393',
'italic': False},
'classname': {'eolfilled': False,
'fore': '#9999FF',
'italic': False},
'commentblock': {'bold': False,
'eolfilled': False,
'fore': '#7FB47F',
'italic': False},
'commentline': {'bold': False,
'eolfilled': False,
'fore': '#7FB47F',
'italic': False},
'decorator': {'bold': False,
'eolfilled': False,
'italic': False},
'default': {'bold': False,
'eolfilled': False,
'fore': '#DCDCCC',
'italic': False},
'defname': {'eolfilled': False,
'fore': '#EFEF8F',
'italic': False},
'identifier': {'bold': False,
'eolfilled': False,
'fore': '#DCDCCC',
'italic': False},
'number': {'bold': False,
'eolfilled': False,
'fore': '#8CD0D3',
'italic': False},
'operator': {'eolfilled': False,
'fore': '#F0EFD0',
'italic': False},
'string': {'bold': False,
'eolfilled': False,
'fore': '#CC9393',
'italic': False},
'stringeol': {'bold': False,
'italic': False},
'triple': {'bold': False,
'eolfilled': False,
'fore': '#7FB47F',
'italic': False},
'tripledouble': {'bold': False,
'eolfilled': False,
'fore': '#DCA3A3',
'italic': False},
'word': {'eolfilled': False,
'fore': '#F0DFAF',
'italic': False},
'word2': {'bold': False,
'eolfilled': False,
'fore': '#DDDD66',
'italic': False}}}

gui.text-selection-color = (135,

As I mentioned in my previous post, it may be nice to set wingide to use a dark theme if your system gtkrc-2.0 is light (or if you’re using windows), such as dmist.

I found a zenburn colorscheme for Console2 (a wrapper for windows cmd.exe)


The file to edit is console.xml there is one in your user directory and in program files. I found mine in \users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Console\console.xml

wow, I missed an html tag in there somewhere. Here’s the actual code for convenience. Again, put it into console.xml

I give up.

A new zenburn theme for Adobe Dreamweaver. Optimized for HTML CSS Javascript and PHP.

A new zenburn theme for Adobe Dreamweaver. Optimized for HTML CSS Javascript and PHP.

I changed my non-gvim zenburn LineNr to:
hi LineNr ctermfg=241 ctermbg=234

[...] ??? ???? ????? ???? ?? ?? ???????. ?????? ???? ??? ?? ??? ???? ??????. ???????????? ???????? ?? ??? zenburn (??? ???? [...]

my zenburn theme for luakit

[...] This is the WP Code Highlight plugin for wordpress, with CSS modified to pay homage to my ultimate favorite editor color scheme – Zenburn. [...]

[...] WordPress (I’m a zenburn freak, and I’ll be putting it up for download [...]

theme for luakit:

css for firefox: vim-like tab bar with zenburn colors and disabled tab icons:


Because I have something *much* more important to be doing… I’ve pulled all of the different ports, files, themes etc from the comments here in to one fork of your main Vim Github repo.

I, uh, figure… some kind of pull request? Or something? I dunno. I may not have organised it in a sensible fashion. Also, I need to figure out how I can reference other repos within it, so you get a central master. I am told this is possible :)


Andrew’s color profile for gnome-terminal didn’t look right for me so I entered my colors manually based off the Zenburn theme for iTerm2.

Following the directions in this Ubuntu forum post copy and paste the bellow (in one line) in the palette property.


Hope this helps someone!

I have made a wall with a theme along the same hues as your awesome theme. Here it is: and follow the link there to get a second one :-)

Hi all and thanks yet again for many new creations!

Your comments never go to waste, it’s just me who is very slow in wading through the “wow, interesting, buy some xanax”-spam and approving the real messages. So please be patient and whatever you do, do not hold your breath waiting for your comment to appear :)

Kim, I mailed you, in a nutshell we could merge those so a pull should work ok. Git submodules come with their own burden, I’ve not really had to use those…

[...] Another example is Zenburn [...]

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for!

I have created a new version of zenburn for NetBeans to support the features added in 7.2. It is located at


I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing color scheme for vim. I got to hate vim because of it’s uncomfortable colors for the eyes, but now I feel like in dark cottom candy heaven.


Zenburn colours scheme for Xfce Terminal. Copy and paste the following in ${HOME}/.config/Terminal/terminalrc:


[...] current favorite is “Zenburn” (bottom of the list). But do have a good look around for yourself, feel free to report back [...]

[...] and wombat256. It also includes the popular Zenburn theme, but its copy isn’t as good as the independently-maintained zenburn.vim. If you want to see what all of the themes look like, check out vimcolorscheme page which contains [...]

zenburn for vim and phpstorm…

Zenburn, a colorschema you are adding and thinking “wow, how could i code without”. I used it at home but never wrote any words about them. So here are the first to links to available zenburn application colorschemas . zenburn for vim. You have to a…

In a project for a linux console /fbterm theme switching script, I was trying to credit original authors of themes. Had to look this one up, but wanted to link to the project and also say thanks for saving eyes over the years. – DJ

Yet another Zenburn gtk2 theme

Hi Jani,
I have created a new version of zenburn for URxvt also zenburn-theme for ranger fm .dircolors
and newsbeuter


Syntax error in screenshot?

/* parse the command line */
c = getopt_long (argc, arv; “ha:d:s:r:”,
long_options, &option_index);

Well, IMHO it should be:
c = getopt_long (argc, arv; “h:a:d:s:r”,
long_options, &option_index);

Added Zenburn support for Turtle in Notepad++

Added Zenburn support for Turtle in Notepad++.

I just added Zenburn as a style for Pygments:

I’ve spent a good deal of time and effort on making my windows 7 laptop more like my linux desktop, and that included zenburn-ing my appe. I’ve finally come up with a decent Windows Classic zenburn-esque theme that I’m happy with, and I’ve used the same foobar2000 zenburn-esque theme for years. Some of my windows friends have even requested it.

WinBurn v1.0: Windows Classic theme



foobar2000 theme: FooBurn v1.0



Zenburn color scheme for the Terminator terminal:

Crusty_asm, it’s a syntax error only if you want to give parameters to -h. I used it for just dumping “help” without parameters… Also there is no and shouldn’t be a semicolon after argv :)

Oh and thank you all to everyone who has contributed in some way and made ports and versions!

(I had some spare time to wade through the massive amount of spam and find the real messages. It’s worth it, every time.)

Daniel’s stuff is still available through

Does anyone have a Zenburn theme for Code::Blocks?

Zenburn color scheme for the Conkeror browser


Here’s a zenburn for octopress styling, github and demo

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